Green Staff Recommendation (GSR) Levels

For the winter of 2023/2024, Heyrose Golf Club are trialling a new communication system (GSR Level 1-4) designed to indicate the current condition of the course.

These GSR Levels are reviewed daily by the Heyrose Green Staff and help inform players of the current course conditions before they play. The GSR Levels are displayed on the BRS Booking System, on the Heyrose Golf Club website and are regularly emailed to Heyrose Members.

Below explains what the GSR Levels mean and what players can expect when they play the course;


Green Staff Recommendation



GSR Level 1

Standard playing season conditions. Ground firm, all holes open.

No restrictions

GSR Level 2

Standard winter season conditions. Wet ground, casual water on some holes. Expect some mud on golf balls.

Medical Use buggies only

Winter rules in place if agreed with the Committee. All competitions to be played. Mats to be used on fairways. Carry bags encouraged but not mandatory.

GSR Level 3

Very wet ground conditions, widespread casual water on >50% of holes. Plugged balls expected across the course. Hole closures likely. 

No buggies recommended

High likelihood competitions will be cancelled. Mats to be used on fairways. Carry bags encouraged but not mandatory.

GSR Level 4

Snow or casual water covering most of the course, i.e. >90% of holes. Some water hazards or streams overflowing.

No buggies recommended

Course unplayable (formally course closure). No play recommended. Any play is at the players own risk and subject to all level 3 restrictions.No official comps advised in these conditions. See professional for rules on the day fun games can go ahead


PLEASE NOTE - The Club reserves the right to close the course under extreme conditions if there is a risk to the health & safety of players - e.g. During storms, heavy snowfall et al.